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Table Sessions / Paper Presentation (15+5 minutes) :

Interactive presentation/themed session focused on sharing, modelling, and discussing your proposed themed topic, while allowing for interaction among session participants. An accepted proposal for a single paper presentation (prepared by one or more authors) will be assigned to one of the following formats by the Program Development group :

a) Themed Session

Best suited for reports on completed research or scholarly work. Authors present summaries or overviews of their work, describing the essential features (related to purpose, procedures, outcomes or product). The formal oral presentation of work should be limited to 15 minutes. Presentations are grouped according to topic or perspective into these themed sessions (which are usually either 75 or 90 minutes), with time provided after all of the presentations for Q&A and group discussion. Authors are welcome to include visual supports (paper handouts, computer slides, or digital displays) to assist delivery of their oral presentation. Please note that we cannot provide photocopying facilities at the Conference, but we will provide data projectors in each room. Multiple-authored presentations are welcome, although only one article may be submitted to the Diversity Collection based on each presentation.

b) Roundtable Session

Ideal for position papers, reviews of theoretical or conceptual frameworks, works-in-progress, policy analyses, or topics that generate, or benefit from, extended discussion. Authors are each assigned a numbered table in a large meeting room for the full session (usually about 40 minutes), during which time they converse and interact with interested delegates who join them at their table. The discussion may begin with the author presenting a synopsis of their work, to generate discussion on the topic. Authors are encouraged to bring copies of their papers and/or a short handout summarizing their work for distribution at their tables. Multiple authors of a single paper may participate, and one article per roundtable may be submitted for publication.

Interactive Workshop Sessions (40+10 minutes) :

Best suited for teaching or demonstrating particular procedures, skills, or techniques. Appropriate considerations for this Session format may include, for example: a workshop, demonstration, performance, exhibition, staged conversation, debate, or extended dialogue with the audience. These sessions are scheduled for about 45 minutes and should be structured so that some explanatory or introductory information is provided, with ample time for audience interaction, participation, and involvement. A single article, jointly authored if appropriate, may be submitted to the Diversity Collection based on an Interactive Presentation.

All-Conference Interactive Poster Sessions (2.5 hours) :

Ideal for presenting preliminary results of work in progress or for projects that lend themselves to visual displays and representations. In these sessions (generally about 45 minutes), a number of authors have the opportunity to display or exhibit their work and engage in informal discussion about their work with other delegates throughout the session. Displays may be posters (maximum 1.22x1.83 meters/4x6 feet), digital/computer displays, artwork, or other visual media. Each display should include a brief abstract of the purpose and procedures of the work; handouts or copies of written material may also be available. Space for the poster or exhibit will be provided by the Conference, however all materials must be organized by the presenter, including posters, displays, handouts or other appropriate materials. Please note that we cannot guarantee a dedicated power source for each presenter. Authors may submit a formal paper describing their work to the Diversity Collection.


Session scheduled for 90 minutes involving five authors who are proposing a set of papers based on a shared theme or topic. The papers may present complementary aspects of a specific body of work, or contrasting perspectives on a specified topic. There must be at least five registered participants (for example, a Chair and four presenters, or five presenters). The presenters should conceive and design the session to allow time for individual presentations (approximately 15 minutes each) and at least 15 minutes of audience discussion or question-and-answer. All participants must be listed on the proposal submission form (list as one primary author, and 4 or more co-authors). Either a single article or multiple articles may be submitted to the Diversity Collection based on the content of a colloquium session.

Virtual Presentation / Presentation in ABSENTIA

Presentation modality addressed to those who are not able to attend the conference in person. Virtual presentations will consist of an asynchronous PowerPoint presentation (with audio) that will be uploaded on the conference web site. The presentation will be accessible for all participants during and after the conference days.

Papers produced by the authors of virtual presentations will be published on the Conference Proceedings Book (published with ISBN code) or in the official International Journals of The Global Association of English Studies (published with ISSN code). Papers produced by the authors of virtual presentations will also be published on CD-ROM and on the conference web site.

Authors of virtual presentations will receive an author certificate as well as all other conference material that will be sent to them by e-mail after the conference dates.

How to Produce the Virtual Presentation

You can choose between 2 options:

1) Send a video of your presentation

2) Send a power point presentation and, if you wish, the related audio files

Please visit for acceptable proposal templets. Proposals not meeting the requirements of the expected format will not be entertained.

Please note that we will make every effort to assign you to the proposal format you have selected; however, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to assign a different format.


Proposals from those who would like to facilitate a panel discussion are welcomed. The proposals may address any of the topics falling within the scope of the conference themes.

Panel Discussions provide an opportunity for public discussion led by a selected group of panellists. Central to the success of a panel discussion is the choice of a good topic as the focus for discussion and panellists that bring varying perspectives and are confident in presenting clear arguments in a live situation. Panels should comprise of three to five scholars who present their arguments; a discussant offers critical comments on the arguments made and the discussion is opened up to the participating audience.

The proposal must include:

  • Title of the Panel Discussion
  • Panel Chair(s) (if necessary)
  • Speakers’ Names, Affiliations and Emails
  • Scope of the Discussion
  • Objective and motivation

The proposed Global Conference will set aside space for those who wish to pursue discussion of a particular topic or issue. Interested individuals should submit a proposal not more than 400 words, on or before the deadline. In addition, the proposal should indicate the duration of the panel discussion (preferred duration is 60 minutes).

All accepted Panel Discussion proposals will be published in the Conference Proceedings. If you are interested in organizing Panel Discussion for the First Global Conference, please email your proposal to

Submissions should be in MS Word format.