The Global Association of English Studies



It is indeed a great pleasure for us to invite you to the Third National Conference of the Global Association of English Studies to be held in Gujarat, India, during February 02 – 03, 2018. The Event will be organized in association with the H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research. We look forward to welcoming you all, the entire academic fraternity involved in English Studies across India. We aim to provide all the delegates a substantially open environment for updating oneself on recent advancements in the field of ‘Research in English Studies’. English Studies is an umbrella discipline, involving various sub-disciplines like Language Studies, Literary Studies, ELT, Multimedia, Communication Studies, Literary Theories, Linguistics, Stylistics, World Englishes, EFL/ESL/ESP/EAP, Language Education, TESOL/TEFL, Cultural Studies and Translation Studies, to name a few of the major sub-disciplines.  Hence, we assure you that each one of you will find something interesting and will benefit from the stimulating academic programme of the Association. We hope you will also find time to experience the culture of Gujarat/India in the ‘Special Evening Fests’. The Conference will provide an exciting and enriching atmosphere both for renewing your knowledge of various sub-disciplines of English Studies and on-going research projects at the global level as well as an opportunity to connect with the global academic fraternity of English Studies.

We encourage all the scholars from India to bring their best to this academic endeavour of the Global Association of English Studies. Let us be the platform to project and showcase your research on the global front!

We also take this opportunity to request all the National and International Associations/Organizations to support the event. We would also like to request you to spread the word in your academic network and encourage them to participate in and contribute to this International Conference.